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Comprehensive Blood Test Panels

Explore our range of specialized blood test panels, each designed to provide valuable insights into your health and wellness. Choose the panel that aligns with your health goals, and take a step towards understanding your body better. Click on a Panel below to learn more and get started on your journey to optimal health.

Step 1 

  • Choose the blood test panel that aligns with your health goals.

  • Click "Select" to proceed with your purchase.

Step 2 

  • Complete your purchase online by providing the necessary information.

  • Our lab will contact you via email to guide you through the next steps

Step 3 

  • You can then visit the closest lab to your home address for the blood draw at your convenience

Step 4

  • Our clinic will receive your test results and interpret them.

  • You will receive an email with your results and a detailed explanation, along with any further advice or guidance based on your results.

Best Value

Weight Loss Panel



Essential for tailored therapy and ensuring the safe use of weight loss medications

Valid for 3 months

Complete Blood Count

Complete Metabolic Panel

Thyroid Panel

Lipid Panel


Fasting Insulin

Best Value

Male Hormone Panel



Optimize Your Vitality with our Comprehensive Male Hormone Panel Package.

Valid for 3 months

Testosterone levels

Prostate Health

FSH, LH, Estradiol

Thyroid hormone levels

Diabetes screen

Best Value

Female Hormone Panel



Optimize Your Vitality with our Comprehensive Female Hormone Panel Package

Valid for 3 months

Estradiol, Progesteron levels

Thyroid panel

Stress hormones level

Vitamin B12 and D levels

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Best Value

General Wellness Panel



The essential lab test package for optimizing your overall well-being

Valid for 3 months